What is a Euro Cylinder?

Euro Cylinder

A Euro Cylinder is also called a pin and tumbler lock. It gets its name from its tubular or cylindrical shape. The cylinder is filled with a series of upper and lower pins that are set to open only when a particular key is used.

It’s one of the most popular types of locks because it is easy to install, repair, alter or replace.

How does a Euro Cylinder work?

Euro cylinder locks have several parts that work together. We’ve already mentioned the pins. Imagine a long tube and picture the pins lining the upper and lower surfaces of it. In the middle, there is a shear line. This is what the key is inserted into. 

The teeth on the key are called notches. When you use the key, the notches fit into the pins in a predetermined pattern, which allows the cylinder to turn and open the lock.

Types of Euro Cylinder locks

The placement of your doors and the level of security determine what type of Euro Cylinder lock you need. These are the different types of euro cylinder locks:

  • Half Thumb Turn 
  • Single 
  • Full Thumb Turn
  • Double

A half-thumb turn euro cylinder lock is a good idea when you want to be able to lock a room from the inside without corresponding access from the outside. These types of locks are good for bathrooms.

A single euro cylinder lock only locks from one side. These are low-cost options and can be easily installed by non-professionals. They are best for situations where access is required only from the outside.

Full Thumb turn locks feature two cylinders. One of them can accommodate a key. The other has a lock. These locks work best in cases where you want to be able to lock internally, without the inconvenience of a key, while still having the option of securing from the outside.

The Double euro cylinder is the most secure option. It locks and can be opened from both sides. This option is considered best for exterior doors and high-traffic areas.

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