Which Keys Cannot Be Duplicated?

Which Keys Cannot Be Duplicated?

We all know that we can turn to a locksmith for key duplicates, but exactly which keys cannot be duplicated?

Locksmiths can duplicate most keys but what about “Do Not Duplicate” and Restricted keys?

Let’s start with Do Not Duplicate keys. Contrary to popular belief, there are no laws that state a locksmith cannot create a copy of these keys. These keys are stamped with this wording to discourage illegal duplicates more than anything else.

Then there are Restricted keys. In many instances, these keys cannot be duplicated due to manufacturer rights. What’s more, since most Restricted keys are patent-protected, specific equipment is needed to duplicate them. This means not just anyone can create a copy for you anyway.

Any locksmith that duplicates a patent-protected key can be fined up to $10,000.

If you do have a restricted key, a locksmith will need to see proof that you are legally permitted to create duplicates before they will go ahead.

Keys a Locksmith Can Duplicate

Here is a list of keys that your locksmith will happily duplicate for you:

  • House keys. If you need extra key copies for your external or internal doors, a locksmith can duplicate them for you.
  • Car keys. Need to create a copy of your car key? A locksmith can assist you with this. Keep in mind that some car keys need to be recreated as it’s not as simple as cutting a new key.
  • Padlock keys. A locksmith can help you create a spare key for any padlocks you might own, provided you have the original.
  • Safe keys. This is one of the more complex key duplications, but it can be done.

Keep in mind that even when a locksmith can legally duplicate a key, they might ask you to produce proof of ownership before the go ahead.

It’s also essential to only choose a reputable locksmith for your key duplicates to ensure it’s done correctly. Contact South Beach Locksmith on 305-692-0234.

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