Security Considerations When Moving to a New Home in Miami

Security Considerations When Moving to a New Home in Miami

Moving to a new home is exciting but it generally also involves long to-do lists. You need to pack up all your belongings, arrange a removal company, and coordinate all the paperwork. With all these elements to consider, new homeowners often forget about security.

Security is incredibly important before and after you move. You never know how many spare keys are floating around, which puts you, your loved ones, and your valuables at risk. The same applies to any existing security systems – are you sure the previous owners don’t still have access to video footage or alarm codes?

Let us take you through some key security considerations for when you move homes.

Security Considerations for Moving to a New Home in Miami

Here is what you should prioritize before and soon after you move.

Change Your Locks.

It’s highly recommended that you have all the external locks changed before you even move into your new Miami home. This doesn’t mean you need to physically replace all the locks either – rekeying is also an option. Rekeying ensures that any existing keys no longer open the locks of your home. The only time it’s necessary to completely change a lock is if it is damaged or you want to upgrade it to something more secure. Don’t forget to have a spare key made too.

Evaluate Your Alarm System.

If an alarm system is already installed in the home, it’s best to change the code before you move in. This way, any existing codes no longer work. If no alarm system is present, you may want to consider installing one. Alarm systems are an excellent deterrent, and they alert you immediately should someone access your home during the night. They also offer additional peace of mind overall. As an extra step, you can link your alarm system to a local security response company for those times you can’t get home.

Consider Video Surveillance.

Adding video surveillance to your home is another step you can take to deter criminals and catch them in the act. Today’s advanced technology ensures any video footage is clear and detailed. If you don’t want to install an entire CCTV system, you can even opt for a video doorbell so that you know who is outside whether you’re home or not.

Secure Your Doors.

This is something you should do soon after you move in. Check the integrity and locks of each of your external doors. You might find that certain doors and locks need to be replaced completely. As an added security measure, you can also add deadbolts or high security locks to your external doors. This will make it much more difficult for criminals to use brute force to enter your home.

Evaluate Your Windows.

Perform the same exercise with your windows – do any of them need to be repaired or replaced? You may also want to consider adding locks to any windows on the lower levels of your home. Lastly, to ensure no unwanted eyes are peering in, it’s advisable to hang window treatments.

Don’t Forget Your Garage Door.

If your Miami home has a garage, don’t forget to secure that area too. Start by evaluating any interleading doors. Is the door structurally sound and does the lock still work? This is another lock that you may want to change or rekey. If you have a keypad on the outside of the garage, make a point of changing the code and that you do so when nobody’s hanging around outside.

Taking these simple steps before and after you move into your new Miami home will instantly make it more secure and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

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