Lock Snapping Explained: What You Need to Know

Lock Snapping Explained: What You Need to Know

Burglars can use a number of different techniques to gain access to your home and lock snapping is one of them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t require much skill to achieve either.

So, what exactly is lock snapping, and should you be worried?

Here is what you need to know.

Lock Snapping Explained

Lock snapping involves breaking the cylinder in order to get a lock to open. The reason why this works is that all other locking points on your door are controlled by the cylinder. In essence, the cylinder is one of the weakest parts of a lock. The moment it’s broken, the door becomes a lot less secure.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to snap a lock either. If an intruder has done it before, it won’t take them more than several seconds. It doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge either, so it’s not difficult to figure out.

Lock snapping has become a common intrusion method in Miami’s neighborhoods, which is why it helps to be aware of it and how you can prevent it.

What Locks Can Be Snapped?

If your lock cylinder doesn’t have the Sold Secure (SS312) Diamond Standard Approval, it’s prone to snapping. This includes:

  • Single cylinder locks that only offer access from one side.
  • Double cylinder locks that offer access from both sides.
  • Thumbturn cylinder locks that can be unlocked without a key.

The Power of Anti-Snap Locks

Thankfully, there are anti-snap locks available to eliminate the risk of lock snapping. These specialized cylinders have anti-snap lines, which means the lock breaks at this line if it’s tampered with, leaving the locking mechanism intact.

Anti-snap locks can be installed on all front, back, and side doors, as well as patio, uPVC, and aluminum doors.

However, if these locks are not fitted by a qualified locksmith, they might not work in the way you are hoping. This is especially true because anti-snap locks are available in different sizes – the wrong size could make the lock ineffective.

One easy way to tell whether it might be time to upgrade your locks is to look at whether it protrudes. A protruding lock indicates an old or unapproved lock.

In addition to your locks, you should also consider whether your door’s other hardware, such as the handle, is secure enough. If an intruder cannot snap a lock, they will look for other entry point weaknesses.

Securing the entrance points to your home might seem like an inconvenience initially, but it’s well worth the time, cost, and effort.

If you aren’t sure whether you have anti-snap locks, you can contact South Beach Locksmith for assistance and installation advice.

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