The Ultimate Technology to Keep Out Burglars

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With great wealth come even greater responsibility. The minute your business starts gaining momentum and increased revenues, you can rest assure someone else is probably paying attention, wondering how to cut a piece of it for themselves. To think of it, our homes, our cars, our properties are exposed pretty much 24/7. So, how could we keep it all safe? but still striking…

Awareness is Key!

You’re a pro at what you do best – keep at it! But as far as security settings and locks you’d probably want a pro’s opinion. The best Miami Beach locksmith service– South Beach locksmith, will perform a security audit on any commercial and residential properties and offer a matching tech to secure your property’s’ soft spot. A security audit allows you the chance for complete awareness; we know exactly where a burglar would spot an opportunity, and how to prevent it and our Miami Beach locksmith service would go so far as to custom design a security & locks system just for you.

Nothing’s safer than safe!

These days, safes are so strong and reliable, you’d have to be a true craftsman to remove them all together, and even if you know how to detach them – it takes at least 40 min. So most burglars will try violence, that ultimately leads them nowhere… or in harsh scenarios- threaten an employee to open in, that’s why most safes are installed right to a panic button. To make a long story short, in 95% of the cases, what goes inside the safe- stays inside the safe. And still we recommend you make a habit of emptying it once a week, to stay on the safe’s safe side!

Security cameras CCTV

For large properties / ocean properties / multiple rooms and floors – it’s always hard to keep a constant eye out for everything, and everyone… when you have more than 10 employees you have to make sure they’re in line as well. A security camera CCTV keeps a constant 8-12 eyes out for you and never blinks! Everything is recorded and you could enjoy remote control of your property at any time, anywhere. You could even go so far as attaching security cameras to your security system, so in case one camera gets shot down an alarm goes off.

Strong locks

Smart locks and innovations are amazing, but at the end of the day there’s no mechanic replacement for the old metal lock; its sustainable throughout long periods of time, its reliable and its highly cost effective.

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