Tips for Reducing the risk of Lock Bumping

tips for reducing the risk of lock bumping

Lock bumping cases rose as cylinder locks hit mass production; it is now a growing threat to residential homes. However, once you have a better understanding of the situation and how to deal with it you will stand better prepared to protect your home. 

How Lock Bumping Works

The lock bumping technique is alarmingly easy to learn and, with the right tools, takes little in the way of skills and expertise. The method aligns the pins in common cylinder locks, allowing the lock picker to gain access to your home and barely leaving a mark of forced entry. Bump keys are easy to obtain, anyone can buy them online for as little as $3!

 So, if your home has a common cylinder lock, it is at risk of being bumped.

6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Lock Bumping

It is not all bad news, however. As society becomes more aware of the lock bumping technique, they find ways to reduce the chances of anyone using the technique against them and their homes. 

1. Buy a Bump Proof Lock

No lock is 100% unpickable. However, many lock manufacturers with good reputations have created bump proof or bump resistant door locks. These locks do not rely on the pin tumbler technique that lock bumping exploits, making them virtually impossible to pick in such a way. 

2. Use a Lock Guard

If you aren’t yet ready to upgrade your locks, but still would like a way to reduce the chances of having your lock bumped, try using a lock guard.

A lock guard, flip guard, or deadbolt works well when you are inside the house. You can add the extra security by using one of these, then if someone bumps the lock, they still can’t get the door to open as it will be held fast on the inside of the building. These are great as temporary or short-term options. 

3. Increase Visibility

One of the scariest things about lock bumping is the time it takes to complete. Someone who knows what they are doing can be inside your house in as little as 10 seconds. 

However, someone new to the trade may take a little longer, that is why they seek out homes that are well hidden, high hedges, closed curtains, dark areas. By keeping your garden well maintained, installing lights, and increasing the visibility of your front door, you are less likely to draw the eyes of a lock bumper. 

4. Video Surveillance

Lock bumping can leave every little evidence, but video surveillance, whether from a doorbell with a camera or CCTV system, can catch a thief in action. If this surveillance doesn’t act as a deterrent it can help to catch and convict the criminal responsible. 

5. Having a Dog

Big dogs and small dogs are a problem for burglars. They can bite and they make a lot of noise. Burglars don’t like noise as it draws attention. 

Lock bumping is not a quiet activity and most dogs will hear it. If the one bumping the lock hears a dog barking, they are much less likely to proceed into the home. 

6. You Can’t Beat Good Security

Having an alarm or a security system in place to alert the neighborhood and the police of a forced entry into your home is an excellent deterrent. No system is going to be 100% safe, so no matter what lock you have, a good security system is always going to be the best option to deal with any intruders quickly and safely. 

Make Your Home Secure Against Lock Bumping

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