How Can I Remove a Broken Padlock?

How can I Remove a Broken Padlock

You can use a padlock anywhere in your home, on your suitcase, shed door, gate, or bike. However, when a padlock breaks, it can cause a severe inconvenience. Here’s what to do if you find it has broken. 

Your First Step with a Broken Padlock

Make sure your lock is actually broken.

Many things can prevent a lock from working, from something as little as a piece of debris in your lock to your key being worn down. So, before you take bolt cutters to your lock, first check to make sure that the lock is really broken. 

You can do this by spraying the inside with a little compressed air to remove debris, using a bit of lubricant to help the inner workings, or checking your key to see if it is in good condition. Call your local locksmiths for their expert help if you are not sure. They can remove or replace a broken lock for you. 

If the Padlock has Broke

If the padlock is definitely broken, you have a few options available to you. 

  1. Break into a lock with a shim. 

Shims are slim pieces of metal. When you look at a padlock before closing it, you will see a notice near the bottom of the U bit. You can pry the notch away from the locking mechanism by running this metal down the U part of the lock. It will allow you to pull the U part out and unlock your broken lock. 

  1. Boltcutters

If the lock is broke, there is no harm in destroying it completely in its removal. A bolt cutter will remove the broken lock and allow you access once more with no-nonsense.

  1. Hacksaw

With a good blade, you can saw through the lock’s metal. How good your lock is and how strong the blade is will determine how long this takes. 

  1. Use your local locksmiths.

Calling out a locksmith can save your lock if it has a fixable issue. It will not be a problem for an experienced locksmith to remove and replace your lock if it has indeed broken. 

Your Local Lock Experts

As your local South Beach locksmiths, we are always ready to help you with your locks, new and old. Our team of experts can help you remove locks, replace locks, and fix locks to any lock in your home.  Please use our contact page if you have any questions or need assistance with your locks. 

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