What Locksmith Tools Do I Need to Start My Career

What Locksmith Tools Do I Need to Start My Career

There are a lot of tools that come in handy once you start working as a locksmith, but when you are just getting started, there are a few tools that are essential.

What’s more, during your locksmith training, a lot of the course material will incorporate the tools mentioned in this list.

Here are the locksmith tools you need to get started?

  • Key Cutting Machine. A key duplicator or cutting machine is a must for all locksmiths. This machine works with flat keys, which are shaped to work with specific locks. Countless clients will approach you for key copies. Once the original key is inserted, the blank key is moved against a wheel, which cuts it into shape.
  • Rekeying Kit. When customers move into a new home or they’ve lost their keys, they will require rekeying services. A rekeying kit ensures you can maintain the integrity of a lock while making sure it works with a new key.
  • Lock Picks. Another essential locksmith tool is a lock pick set, which includes rakes, hooks, diamonds, and ball picks, as well as tension tools. This will help you get clients back into their homes or vehicles. You can also opt for a pick gun, which is slightly easier to use than traditional picks. However, some skill is still required.
  • Key Extractor. When a key breaks off inside a lock, a key extractor is required to get it out. You will need to extract a key at some point during your career as a locksmith.
  • Plug Spinner. A plug spinner comes in handy when a lock is picked in the wrong direction. This tool helps rotate the interior of the lock without having to pick the lock from scratch. That being said, sometimes locks are easier to pick in the wrong direction – it all depends on the lock.

With these basics, you are well on your way to becoming a successful locksmith in Miami.

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