Amazing Portable Security Devices To Keep You Safe

Alongside the new sites, eclectic tastes and aromas, each trip abroad carries a certain level of risk; after all, in this country you are the foreigner, you might easily take the wrong turn in the wrong street and find yourself in the midst of an unfamiliar situation, one that might turn risky in a heartbeat. We don’t want to intimidate you, on the contrary, we’re just here to give you a heads up- be prepared! That’s the best way to handle unexpected surprises!

Anti-theft bag:

We could give you a list of brands but we’d much rather share a list of qualities you should be looking for in these products and let you find the right fit for you. If you purchase online make sure to head to a big, well known site with products that actually live up to all they’re selling. Amazon is a great example. When looking for a daily bag to take with you when you travel we’re not referring to your backpack or mochila that you’d go tracking with, but a daily bag that sticks with you and carries all your essentials- passport, wallet, phone etc. look for a bag with:

  • Slash prove panels: will help in cases where a thief is looking for a quick cut-and-run, as the bag won’t easily rip apart.
  • no easy access: that’s not to say it will be difficult to open, it will be difficult to open without you paying attention. there are no open compartments or big zippers that are easily opened.

Cash safe anti-theft belt:

Especially when you travel in places where Gypsy live or third world countries where a lot of thefts are tourist oriented- you odd to be prepared to handle a scenario of long travels, where one eye might shut and the next is soon to follow. A cash safe anti-theft belt fits just your cash and maybe a credit card- but you can rest assure no one will come near it.

Extra locks:

Hostels / backpackers / tents etc. could be a great part of your trip but they are known as a security hazard. We highly recommend you bring along an extra lock (or even two – one for your traveling bag as well). Most thieves will look for an easier fix, as usually there are plenty of those around, and rather not handle your extra security.               

For any further info and advice, you’re welcome to contact us online or check out our Miami Beach local locksmith store, where we offer the leading brands’ security products and portable devices that fits travelers.

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