How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key

Opening a locked safe for a client in Miami Beach FL

Lost the key to your safe? Don’t worry! You’re definitely not alone, any safe owner ‘enjoys’ this moment at least once in a lifetime, if not more… Before calling the nearest locksmith service we have some tips that on how to open your safe by yourself. First thing’s first- if your safe is not digital, take any sharp edged tool (knife, a small screwdriver, paper clip, small nails clippers etc.) place the shape edge as far into the lock hole as possible, and start gently shaking it- the safe will soon open itself! But for more sophisticated safes- here’s some tips!

Tools to open your safe, and how to use them:

Hammer & chisel (better yet one with a flattened sharp edge): first thing you have to do in case of digital safes is removing the digital board (placed on the safe- where you insert the code that opens the safe), underneath you could see the entire safe spec and work around it easily.

Take the chisel and place on one of the digital board corners, better make it as close as possible to one corner, and start gently knocking on the chisel using the hammer, with in a minute or two the digital board will detach. Now look for the silver knob and remove it using the both hammer and the chisel. After removing the silver knob use your fingers to look for the button inside the whole you created. Found it? Great! Press it down and that’s that- your safe is open!

Ask your local Miami Beach locksmith for advice:

South Beach Locksmith service is here to help out! We offer locksmith services in Miami Beach and we have great familiarity with most safes available in the market today. You could try using a certain magnet and even drill your safe wide open – problem is once you’ve done that your safe isn’t so safe to use later on…

We provide emergency locksmith services around the clock and we’re the leading Miami Beach locksmith service. So in case you’re wondering what’s the next best move, and none of the tips here checked out, contact us and we’ll try to help out further.

For any further inquiries in regards to safes and proper safe management you’re welcome to contact us online or visit our local Miami Beach locksmith store. Where we sell top of the line affordable safes manufactured by the leading brands in the market today!

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