Security Tips When Considering a House Share

security tips when considering a house share

House shares do not provide the easiest of environments when it comes to home security. You can not always control who comes in and out of your front door or who wonders around the home. It is therefore vital to use the security methods you have at your disposal to ensure that your home remains a safe and secure location. Here are some things you can do to improve your home security if you are considering a house share.

Good Security Begins with Good Relationships

Knowing the people around you can both prevent problems and make things run smoother when problems arise. If you are considering a house share, take the time to get to know:

  • Those you will be living with.
  • The landlord (if you’ll have one).
  • Your local locksmith.
  • Your neighbours.

With Others in the House Share

Whether you are opening up your own home for a house share or considering moving into a house share your first move should be to get to know your potential housemates. Having a good relationship with those you are expected to live with can ease any potential problems before they become a problem. You should be able to talk about any home security issues in a relaxed manner. 

With the House Share Landlord

If you are considering a house share in a property run by a landlord, take the time to speak to your landlord and create a good working relationship with them. You should be able to speak openly with them about any security concerns for the home. A good landlord will ensure the home has adequate security and be able to assist swiftly should any concerns arise. 

With the Local Locksmith

Your local locksmith will be able to help in many situations whether you are a homeowner considering starting a house share or someone moving into a house share.  It is always best to have a locksmith that you have previously researched saved into your phone so that they are only a call away when you need them. They will be able to help:

  • In the event that you’ve locked yourself out. 
  • If a lock has broken.
  • If the home has been broken into. 
  • When locks need rekeying.
  • When locks need changing. 
  • If the home requires a security audit. 
  • If you decide to upgrade from regular locks to smart locks.

With the Neighbours

Knowing your neighbours doesn’t mean you will have to start talking to them on a daily basis, it is simpler than that. By taking the time to introduce  yourself to the neighbours and let them know that you live next door you are opening the doors of communication. 

Not only does such communication prevent issues developing over small things, but it also means that they are more likely to report to you if they notice something out of the ordinary, like strangers hanging around your home at night. It adds an extra layer of security to a neighbourhood when the neighbours look out for each other. 

Checking all Locks in the House Share Regularly

On a practical note, it is important to always check the locks in the home. Include locks on windows and side doors, don’t fall into the mistake of only checking the lock on your main house door. 

Make a habit of checking the locks every month. Ensure that they are all in good working order and report or fix any locks that are showing signs of wear and tear. 

Consider Smart Locks

One common theme with house shares is that the house mates can change out regularly. This can lead to multiple key copies and key misplacements. With that in mind it may be worth discussing a lock upgrade with your landlord or changing it yourself if you are the landlord.

Smart locks and access systems can improve the security of the home by instantly allowing old keys and odes to stop working when someone else moves out. It also gives new flatmates instant and easy access. 

Have a Safe

Always keep your valuables in a safe and secure location. This in no way reflects the way you view your neighbours or your housemates. It is not down to trust, it is down to safety. Not only should you keep your valuables in a safe, but you should also encourage your house mates to do likewise. Safe codes and keys should not be shared.

Keeping Your Home Secure in South Beach

If you are considering a house share in South Beach and need security advice or assistance with your home locks, we can help. Contact South Beach Locksmith on 305-692-0234. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team through our contact page.

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