Is a Locksmith Able to Unlock a Safe?

Is a Locksmith Able to Unlock a Safe?

If you’ve lost the key or combination to your safe, a professional locksmith can help you get back in. It’s completely legal for a locksmith to unlock a safe, provided you can prove ownership. This applies to both residential and business safes.

Once you prove ownership, there are a few ways that a locksmith can unlock your safe.

The first is called safe cracking, which requires knowing the model, brand, and the serial number of the safe. This ensures that your locksmith can successfully override a safe while keeping any anti-theft measures in mind.

There is also the option of safe combination retrieval, which requires a serial number and a safe dial. Using this, your locksmith can retrieve the original combination of the safe to unlock it.  If your safe has an electronic lock, your locksmith can use the master override code to get you back in. The serial number is also required for this.

The next option is to request an override key from the safe’s manufacturer. Not all safes have an override key though, so this isn’t a plausible solution for everyone. Can’t get hold of a key? A locksmith can use the number near the keyhole to create a key for you.

The final option is to drill the safe, which isn’t ideal. Most locksmiths will use this as a last resort because it’s a more complex process. Not only are specialized tools required, but a locksmith needs to know exactly where to drill to avoid triggering the safe’s security measures.

If you do hire a locksmith to help you unlock a safe, make sure they specialize in safes to avoid unnecessary damage.

Once you’ve unlocked your safe, your locksmith can help you reset the combination and provide you with a key copy for any potential lockouts in the future.

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