Securing Your South Beach Home on A Budget

securing your south beach home on a budget

A house is not a home unless you feel safe inside it. Unfortunately, a good home security system can be quite expensive. To help you feel safe in your home we have found ten ways that you can feel secure in your south beach house on a budget.

1. Securing your perimeter. 

There are cheap ways to discourage intruders from coming in over the fence. 

Option A is to buy some anti-climb paint and put a coat over your fence. This paint turns back into a liquid when pressure is applied making it difficult for climbers to get a grip. 

Option B is to use fence or wall spikes. These are easy to install and act as a deterrent for most intruders because it would take them longer to climb and they might get hurt. 

Option C is to get rid of the fence altogether. Replace it with a hedge. This would be much harder to climb. 

2. Don’t display valuables.

If a thief sees your best jewelry or your car’s keys on your windowsill, they see an easy target. Keeping valuables out of clear view costs you nothing and improves your home security. 

Some homes go one step further with this and purchase places where they can safely hide their valuables, like a mirror that is really a cupboard. This is a great idea if you want to make sure the things you care about the most are harder to find. 

3. Alarm your windows.

It is common for people to secure their front doors, which is why a burglar will try a window instead. While a home alarm system may be out of your budget, small window alarms are both affordable and effective. These noisy little things are placed against windows and let off a massive 1000db siren should it detect any vibrations against the glass. 

4. Do some gardening. 

Not as random as it sounds. Planting thorny bushes underneath ground floor windows is a cost-effective security measure. Not only do they make your house look pretty but they make an entry for potential intruders difficult.

5. Rekeying locks. 

You have lost a key or a key has fallen into the hands of someone you don’t trust, the budget option is to get your locks rekeyed. This method is just as secure as replacing your locks and doesn’t cost as much. 

6. Use a dummy alarm.

Securing your home with a dummy alarm that looks authentic will act as a great deterrent for most burglars and they are easy to install. However, you can get inexpensive alarm systems that will work just as well and have the added protection of being real.

7. Use a dummy CCTV Camera. 

Securing your home by placing an authentic-looking CCTV camera in clear view will make potential intruders think twice. Like with the dummy alarms, they have to look authentic to be effective. 

8. Outdoor Lighting 

Using lights that are triggered by movement keeps the cost down and deters criminals that don’t like to be seen. Always place your security lights out of reach to avoid anyone from tampering with them. 

9. A gravel path. 

A gravel path is noisy to walk on. Anyone trying to engage in criminal activity naturally aims to be as quiet as possible. A gravel path is a small thing that can make someone reconsider targeting your home. 

10. Lock your door. 

Sounds obvious, however, a 2015 survey says that 81% of people in the Southeast lock their doors. This means there are still 19% of people who regularly leave their homes unlocked! Securing your homes by locking your doors can be the difference between being a victim of burglary and remaining secure. 

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