How Much Will It Cost to Duplicate a Car Key

how much will it cost to duplicate a car key

There is nothing more frustrating than being short a car key, except losing both of them. But if you still have one, there is an easy way to ensure you don’t get stuck. Which will happen if you lose that one also. 

Most locksmiths can duplicate new car keys without an issue. 

The cost of the car key will depend on the type of car key.

The copying and cutting of a car key on its own will not set you back very much. The keys are $7 and $75 for most car types. Take note, however, that some high end cars or specialized car keys can cost as much as $300. 

While the cutting of the key is not pricey, there is more security to a car than a simple key. For the key to work correctly it will also need programming. For cars made after the year 2000, the fobs that come with the keys will have an immobilizer inside. If the key is not programmed accurately, it will not work.

Programming the key can cost substantially more than the cutting of the key. But again, this often depends on the make and model of the car. You are looking at an extra $30 to $75 on top of your original price to have the key programmed accurately. 

The final price for most makes and models of cars will be between $37 and $150. When compared to the prices of having keys made from scratch without a copy, or the car being re-keyed, this is the cheapest option to keep you on the road. 

Whether you are locked out of your car, need a new key without a copy, or simply need a new copy of your key made, South Beach Locksmiths are always prepared to help you in a timely manner. 

To get new keys from an affordable locksmith in Miami, contact South Beach Locksmiths on 305-692-0234 or through our contact page.

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