6 Ways You Can Hide Your Spare Keys More Safely

6 ways you can hide your spare keys more safely

Keeping spare keys can provide you with peace of mind in an emergency. For example, if you lock yourself out of your home, you will know at all times that you have keys available somewhere. A set of spare keys can also be helpful if you have guests, carers, or cleaners that need regular access to your home. But keeping your keys in easy-to-access places can reduce the security of your home, so here are six ways to keep them safe.

1. Lockboxes

Lockboxes hang on the wall outside your home. They come in many styles with different levels of security. Some need codes to gain access to the keys. Others will need confirmation from an app on your phone. 

While some lockboxes are easy to break into, the best of them are very secure and durable. A smart lockbox even has its own video security and will alert your phone if someone is messing with it. 

2. Keytainers

A keytainer is nowhere near as secure as a lockbox, but if you use it cleverly, it can keep your home keys safe. Some keytainer users hang their keytainer on a neighbor’s wall with their permission, at the end of the day, who will suspect that the key to your home is going to be hanging on the wall of your neighbor down the street. 

3. Hiding Spare Keys in Fake Rocks

Using fake rocks to hide your keys is not always the best option, as many burglars can tell the difference between a fake rock and a real one. However, there are ways to hide keys in rocks without their notice. 

One such way is to get clever with your garden. For example, have many rocks, and hide that fake one in an unlikely place, such as among the plants near the edge of your garden instead of near your door. 

Alternatively, make your own fake rock by using natural rocks. Get some super glue and glue three or four rocks together in such a way that they look natural from above but have a space for you to leave a key inside. Who will suspect?

4. Ask the Neighbor to Safe-gaurd your Spare Keys

If you get on well with your neighbor and have a trusting relationship with them, why not ask if you can leave a spare key inside their home. They can place it in a drawer or hang it with their keys, so it is always available when you need it in an emergency. 

5. Ask Your Family

In some cultures, leaving a spare key with a family member is commonplace. This not only gives them access to your home but also allows you to have a spare key readily available with a simple phone call. 

6. Safety Deposit Boxes

A safety deposit box is for more than money and documents. It is a place to store anything that you deem to be valuable. This includes your spare keys. 

You know the key will always be safe in a safety deposit box. However, it can be hard to get at in an emergency. 

What You Don’t Want to Do

It is not wise to leave your key under your doormat or in a plant pot by your home. These are the first places someone will check. 

Neither is it a fantastic idea to leave the key in your car, unless your car is devoid of information pertaining to your home. You do not want someone to break into your car to find your house key and address. 

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