Will My Insurance Cover Locksmith Services?

Will My Insurance Cover Locksmith Services?

As a homeowner, it’s important to know exactly what your insurance covers. And since your home’s security is an essential consideration, you may be wondering whether your insurance will cover locksmith services.

There is no one answer for this because each homeowners insurance policy is different. Some insurers cover certain locksmith services, while others will add on coverage for an extra fee. Even if an insurer includes locksmith services in your policy, coverage is generally minimal.

This means that you should be prepared to cover some of the costs of locksmith services should you ever need them.

Locksmith Services Covered by Homeowners Insurance

In most instances, your insurance will cover locksmith services, or at least a portion of it, in the following circumstances:

  • Stolen keys. Since your keys are personal property, if they are lost, stolen, or destroyed and you need a new set, your insurer should cover the cost.
  • Stolen or damaged safe. It’s quite difficult to steal a safe but it could happen. Again, a safe is considered personal property so it should be covered by your homeowners insurance. The same applies if your safe is damaged or vandalized.
  • Covered peril damage. If any of your home’s doors or locks are damaged by a covered peril such as hail, fire, lightning, or a blizzard, the repairs or replacement costs are covered. The same applies to windows and doors that are vandalized.

Even though these services are generally covered, it’s best to check the specifics with your insurer instead of assuming. In the end, it’s best to always have some funds set aside for locksmith services, including lockouts, key duplicates and replacements, and lock repairs and replacements.

If you need the assistance of a professional locksmith in South Beach, contact us on 305-692-0234.

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