How Can I Lock a Door Without a Lock?

how can i lock a door without a lock

There may be times that you wish to lock a door that has no lock available. It could be that you are trying to get a few moments of peace in a room with no lock, or that you need a lockless room to be more secure. Either way, the lack of a lock can cause you a problem. However, we are bringing you three quick and easy ways to lock a door with no lock. 

Lock with a Belt

This approach works really well with door handles, but not so well with doorknobs. In order for the door to open one needs to pull a handle down. By attaching a belt to something above the door, like a coat hanger, you prevent anyone from being able to pull the handle down. This effectively locks the door. 

Lock the Door with a Wedge

Door wedges are not only useful for keeping doors open. By placing a wedge between the bottom gap of the door and the floor you can lock the door by preventing it from opening. Ideally, your floor will have carpet or a material that prevents the wedge from being pushed as your door opens. If you are dealing with wooden floors and doorknobs, however, do not despair as there are other options. 

Portable Locks

There are now locks that you can purchase to use on any doors. They are small, making them easy to carry around, and using them is simple. Insert the metal piece between the door and frame before closing the door. Finally, hook the other piece on the metal that is protruding. This effectively jams the door shut adding an extra layer of security to any door. 

Quality Locks with South Beach Locksmith

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