How to Make Your Commercial Property More Secure

how to make your commercial property secure

Securing a commercial property is not as easy as locking the doors and setting the alarms. Not anymore. There is so much more to contend with than a nighttime burglar or an underage shoplifter. One must also consider acts of vandalism, violence, theft from employees as well as customers, not to mention those who break in just for the fun of breaking in. 

To help you keep your commercial property safe at any time of the day, we have put together a handy guide on how best to ensure safety and security. 

Provide Your Commercial Property with the Right Locks

When looking at the levels of safety a lock can provide, only the more secure locks are recommended to be used for commercial or retail property. These locks are normally made with heavy-duty materials and can take a beating. They also have other useful security features such as:

  • Bump resistant
  • Pick resistant
  • Deadbolts
  • Double cylinders

If you were to go a step further and use a smart lock, you would also be able to add features like CCTV, Alarms, Alert Security, and receive messages when a door has been opened out of schedule. 

Not only does a stronger lock act as a deterrent to would-be burglars, but those people who are determined to bypass the lock are more likely to leave evidence of tampering inside the lock itself. This is useful if you ever need to make an insurance claim from a break-in. 

Re-key Locks Regularly

Every lost key and every employee who has left is a potential security risk. Changing the locks so that old keys no longer work is the simplest way to nullify this security risk. 

While you can replace the locks, it is much simpler to rekey them. This saves both time and money and is just as secure as replacing the whole system.  

Add Security to ALL Entrances to Your Commercial Property

It’s not just the front door of your property that you need to be concerned about. If you have a back door or a side door, these also need good strong locks and restricted access.

Don’t forget any windows. These can also be used as entrances by those who are trying to break in. A burglar aims to find the entrance with the least resistance. By locking windows, using padlocks, and installing shutters you can limit this potential threat. 

Hire Security

Having security that either patrols your ground or regularly checks on it can dissuade criminal activity. 

Having a CCTV system that security checks also works just as well if used with signs to alert people that your premises are being watched. 

Enclose the Commercial Property

If you have the option of adding a fence or a wall around your property, this is one extra step to keep it safe from nighttime activity. 

By ensuring that your property grounds are well maintained and taken care of inside that enclosure you will also deter vandals. If a property looks neglected people are less likely to assume it is being watched and more likely to target it. 

Make Good Use of Alarm Systems

Having an alarm that you need to disable after entering the front door is good. Having alarms on your other doors and on your windows is better. 

By using motion detectors, CCTV, and alarms, coupled with signs that alert people to the alarms and CCTV, you are telling them that the property will be difficult to break into. They are more likely to get caught or at least caught on camera, so it is worth their time to look elsewhere. 

Light the Place Up

Most criminal activity happens in darkness for a reason. Criminals know they are less likely to be seen or identified if they are under the cover of darkness.

Having lights both in and around your property deters criminals of all types. Employees that consider a wrong action know the place is well lit and they can be seen, and people outside will not have any dark places to hide. This will deter criminal intent. Prevention is better than cure. 

Know Your Employees

5% of all businesses have experienced employee theft. Having a good relationship with your employees creates a loyal atmosphere. Employees who are happy in their work and happy with their managers are less likely to steal from their employers. 

For More Advice and Tips

If you are seeking expert advice and assistance in making your commercial property more secure, we can help. Contact South Beach Locksmith on 305-692-0234 or through our contact page.

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